Building awareness of proper COVID-19 protective behaviour key to returning to (new) normal
With universal access to COVID-19 vaccinations in Myanmar still months away, Myanmar is entering a new phase. Keeping the number of new infections limited depends for a large part on how successful the Government will be in persuading citizens to stick to proper protective behaviour in the “new normal”.
World Insights: Challenges, solutions for disrupted world in post-pandemic era
THE year of 2021 will be critical for the whole world that is struggling to end the COVID-19 pandemic and committed to addressing its long-term impacts. 
Loilem with natural beauties in southern Shan State
Beautiful forests, mountains and lakes in various parts of the country are the significant features of Myanmar. Different regions and states have possessed their own natural beauties for the whole the year.
The World Ocean
A continuous body of water encircling Earth, the World Ocean is divided into a number of principal areas with relatively uninhibited interchange among them. Five oceanic divisions are usually defined: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Southern; the last two listed are sometimes consolidated into the first three.
The good old days at the Rangoon University

Peaceful Co-existence among People in Diverse Communities
We hear now a days of preaching by elders of diverse communities about promoting love and goodwill to avoid conflicts and maintain peace and tranquillity between people of different race and religion.