The Levy System of Establishing Skills Development Fund

How South Korea built a system to beat COVID-19
THE importance of a reliable and widely accessible healthcare system is never more apparent than during a pandemic. It is now painfully clear that countries cannot pursue economic development -----
Cultural Heritage Tour of Bagan

By Lokethar


WHO warns there may never be a COVID-19 ‘silver bullet’
“We all hope to have a number of effective vaccines that can help prevent people from infection,” WHO Chief
Waso, The Month of Ordination Festival
Waso, the fourth month of Myanma lunar calen- dar approximates to July. It is the first of the three heavily rainy months…Waso, Wagaung, and Tawthalin, i.e. July, August and September respectively.
Social media and E-Democracy in a pandemic
EVEN before the pandemic, Filipinos have long realized the importance of information communication technologies (ICTs) such as personal and networked computers, mobile telephones, the internet and emails, including social media platforms -------