Tun Tun Min wins Myanmar Lethwei World Championship

19 August

MYANMAR lethwei fighter Tun Tun Min claimed the Myanmar Lethwei World Championship IV title after defeating Russia’s Mikhall  Vetrilla  yesterday  at  the  Thein  Phyu  Lethwei  Sta-dium in Yangon.

Mikhall  claimed  a  sec-ond-round stoppage after Tun Tun Min pounded him using his fists  and  with  head-buts,  and  later, in the fifth round, Mikhall surrendered after the referee counted four.

There  were  four  men’s  bouts  which  ended  in  a  draw  in  the  championship  —  My-anmar’s Ye Thway Ni vs Bab-ak from Iran, Myanmar’s Yan Naing  Tun  vs  New  Zealand’s  Kayne  Corlan,  Myanmar’s  Byat Kha vs Japan’s Higashi, and  Myanmar’s  Too  Too  and Brazil’s Fabio Ferrari.

The  women’s  bout  be-tween  Myanmar’s  Vo  Ro  Ni  Ka and Thailand’s Sawsing Sor Sopit also ended in a tie.

The  championship  was  organized  by  the  Myanmar  Martial Arts Group under the supervision of the Ministry of Health  and  Sports’  Myanmar  Traditional Boxing Federation. — Zarni Maung(Translated by Kyaw Zin Tun)