Sustain peace, prosperity and sovereignty of countries forever

March 1,2022

THE absolute power of a country to exercise the highest authority under the law for addressing the internal affairs in its own territory without any outside control is identified as sovereignty. Wikipedia states that sovereignty is the supreme authority within a territory. 

A sovereign country is criteria of covering the sovereignty of the State inside and outside the nation, with the exact amount of population, government for governing the areas and capability to associate with other sovereign countries. Generally, the sovereign country does not rely on other countries and accept any influence. Despite well standing without recognition of any sovereign countries, a sovereign country will face difficulties in signing the agreements and treaties as well as enhancement of the diplomatic relations. It is because any country cannot stand tall in the global community in the long run as it is included in the global family. 

Roughly, the ward of a country indicates the sovereign country. Initially, the work of the country refers to the geographical area, and later, it modifies the sovereignty and addresses the geographical conditions. Indeed, sovereignty is not just a word in the dictionary but the highest status of the State to systematically operate the country as well as to protect the interests of the people. Only when the country is sovereign can the government bring about the interests of the State and the people. The sovereignty consists of executive, legislative and judicial powers for the nation. Apart from the three highest powers, the country must have defence and economic capabilities for keeping abreast of other countries. The political capabilities based on the three highest powers of the State can contribute to the development of defence and economic capabilities to enable the country to strengthen in the global society. If so, such a country will have the capability to face complicated international issues. 

Any sovereign country with political capability cannot stand tall in the international community without powerful defence and economic capabilities. It is because these three capabilities are contributing to one another in overcoming various challenges of the country and the people. Every country needs to pay respect to the sovereignty of other countries as well as can win the respect of others. Consequently, the global society will be peaceful and prosperous forever and will bring peace and tranquillity to the global people.