Students above 12 years old receive second dose of COVID-19 vaccine in Lewe Twsp.

Lewe, 27 January


Students aged 12 and above received their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine at the Thiriyadana Hall in Lewe Township, Naypyidaw Union Territory this morning.


On the occasion, healthcare workers and volunteers monitored the body temperatures, oxygen and blood pressures of the students before administering the vaccine and watched them for 30 minutes after giving the vaccine in line with COVID-19 health guidelines set by Ministry of Health.


As of January 27 , a total of 18507 students or 86.09 percent of students from Basic Education High Schools and Middle Schools in Lewe Township have been fully vaccinated with two required shots.—Nay Zaw Chit(IPRD)
Translated by JT