Shape failures to be victories for future lives

June 09


As a nature of human beings, everybody wishes to possess the victory in all things but they delay to accept the failure as a starting point leading to victory if necessary. As they are in fear of embracing failure due to missing relevant chances, whenever they see the failure, they physically and mentally suffer a tremble of excitement.


In fact, those who secured the victory actually miss the chance how to prepare to face failure and how they can overcome challenges in accepting failure. So, it can be said that the winners actually lose the chance to know ways and means to encounter failure despite securing just a win.


Those who embraced failure have to overcome the challenges of life with the aim of not facing failure again. Hence, they seek the best ways and means how to secure victory as well as how to leave failure behind them. As a result, those losers try to accept the concept that they must try hard to avoid failure and must never do the same moves to face failure. Such a valuable decision will push them to the victory of their goal.


Practically, everybody needs to change their mindsets to accept a concept that they have to deeply desire to win the victory in order to secure an important thing. If so, the powerful keenness in their minds will help them overcome any challenges. If not, any of their moves will lead to failure.


Moreover, everybody needs to seek the best lessons from their failures. They have to dare to verify the rights and wrongs in the lessons. And, they must choose the rights to be applied in their lives as well as must analyze the root causes of wrongs. If so, they will have to choose the benefit from the failures. These will be good moves leading to victory. Hence, everybody needs to take care of past events that the famous persons in global history unintentionally made mistakes in their immature lives but they improved themselves by taking lessons from the bitter past events.


Everybody needs teachers to give ways for them throughout their lives. But, school teachers cannot go along with them. Actually, mistakes and failures in all events of life are the best teachers for all. But, those wishing to secure victory must enhance their capacity to analyze failures and to know how to overcome failures so as to lead to victory.