Officials inspect completion of multi-purpose hall in Monghpyak Township

Monghpyak, 24 March

Construction of a multi-purpose hall has been implemented in Hngapyawdaw Village in Monghpyak Township, Tachilek District of Shan State (East) since July 20 last year and now, all the projects were completed 100 percent.

Officials from the State Department of Rural Development inspected the completion of the hall on 23 March and gave necessary instructions to members of village development committee and stressed the importance of maintenance.

The hall measuring 30 ft. in length, 20 ft. in width and 12 ft. in height was constructed with Ks. 13.0 million including 10.0 million of DRD’s funds allocated in 2022-2023 FY and Ks. 3.00 million contributed by local people, and now, it was completed by 100 percent, according to an official from the Township Department of Rural Development —Zin Mar Oo(DRD)

Translated by JT