Myanmar delegation attends 11th Annual Conference of International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) in Austria

Myanmar delegation led by Vienna-based Permanent Representative to the United Nations Myanmar Ambassador U Min Thein attended the 11th Annual Conference of Interna­tional Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) held in Vienna of Austria on behalf of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of Myanmar on 28 November.


At the conference, the per­manent representative said Myanmar was a member of UNCAC in 2012 and is current­ly carrying out anti-corruption activities under the Anti-Cor­ruption Law enacted in 2013. Among the anti-corruption activities, Myanmar joined the IACA in 2019 with the belief that the IACA will support promot­ing the intellectual and ability of Myanmar people. Moreover, the ACC drafted the Anti-Cor­ruption Strategic Plan (2022- 2025) and conducted prevention of corruption, education pro­grammes and investigations in the country.


He also highlighted the educating activities regarding anti-corruption on state-owned papers, TV channels, social me­dia and governmental training courses and cooperation with the Ministry of Education.


He then stressed the forma­tion of Corruption Prevention Units (CPU) in 14 regions and states, Public Feedback Pro­gramme (PFP), investigations against persons regardless of their ranks, cooperation works with UNODC, ASEAN-PAC member countries, MoU with Viet Nam, Thailand, Laos, South Korea, India, Cambodia and LOI with Denmark.


The conference was also at­tended by delegates from mem­ber countries. It also focused on the progress of IACA, imple­mentation of the 2021-2014 plan, current work plans of anti-cor­ruption, changing situation and challenges, budget for 2023 and approved two resolutions for measurement of corruption and general matters. — MNA