Monsoon agricultural loans disbursed in Taungdwingyi Township

Taungdwingyi 30 September


Myanma Agricultural Development Bank in Taungdwingyi Township, Magway Region is disbursing agricultural loans to farmers in the township during 2022-2023 FY. Up to September 30, the bank has dispensed K 750 million of agricultural loans to the farmers in the township.


In the township, there are 75 village-tracts and those who have totally paid back their debt will be disbursed agricultural loans. Starting from May 17, the bank is disbursing agricultural loans at a rate of K 150,000 per acre of paddy and K 100,000 per acre of other crops, according to the Bank Manager. 


Now, a total of 13387 farmers in 69 village-tracts have received agricultural loans for their 55140 acres of farmland.


Township IPRD
Translated by Suyee