MoNREC designates Pawle-Watchipa protected public forest in Gangaw Township

August 10


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation has designated the area of 8,400 acres in Gangaw Township, Gangaw District in Magway Region, as “Pawle-Watchipa protected public forest” as of 8 August 2022, under Notification No 120/2022 by exercising the authority conferred under Sub-section (e) of Section (6) of the Forest Law promulgated in September 2018.


The Pawle-Watchipa protected public forest is intended to conserve the watershed area of the local farms, fulfil the needs of the residents and protect wildlife.


The Pawle-Watchipa protected public forest is not only a place where many kinds of wood and valuable trees such as teak, ironwood, sal tree, tall timber trees, myrobalan trees and red silk cotton trees grow but also a habitat for wild animals such as Muntiacus muntjac, Dhole, jungle cats, Red Junglefowl, wild boars, rabbits, monkeys, including birds like firebirds, quails, Burmese francolins, doves and kites. It is necessary to manage forest resources systematically, and it is also a watershed area of Pawle creek, which is flowing into the Myittha River. Thus, the area is declared a protected public forest area. —MoNREC/GNLM