Message of Greetings sent by Chairman of State Administration Council to ceremony to mark International Workers’ Day

Message of Greetings sent by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister of Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Senior General Thadoe Maha Thray Sithu Thadoe Thiri Thudhamma Min Aung Hlaing to ceremony to mark International Workers’ Day

1 May 2023


Esteemed workers

I extend my message of greetings with the best wishes for all ethnic national brethren including migrant workers in foreign countries together with the whole massive workers in Myanmar to be physical and mental well-being with auspiciousness as today is a significant occasion of the International Workers’ Day honouring the workers throughout the world.


In retrospect, International Workers’ Day is a historic day which must be valuable for workers who possessed the rights of workers by overcoming uncountable difficulties. Hence, 1 May 1889, was designated as International Workers’ Day from 1 May 1890. From then on, ceremonies to mark International Workers’ Day have been held across the world. Myanmar started annually marking International Workers’ Day on 1 May 1938.


Esteemed workers

As the development of a country depends on boosting productivity and enhancement of the service qualification, a special emphasis is being placed on protecting the massive workers who are manufacturing quality products with physical and mental strengths, enabling workers to enjoy entitlements and peaceful and prosperous workplaces and ensuring the betterment of worksite relations between employers and employees.


In order for the government to especially protect the interests of workers, Section 24 of the Constitution (2008) of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar stipulates “The Union shall enact necessary laws to protect the rights of workers” whereas Section 31 mentions “The Union shall, to the extent possible, assist to reduce unemployment among the people.”


The State Administration Council is implementing the roadmap and objectives for the economic development of the nation and enhancement of the socioeconomic life of the people, the point “to assure support for the sustainability of Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) that prioritizes import substitution, export production, and the use of domestically produced raw materials, and order to increase domestic production and generate employment opportunities” was inserted into the economic objective with the aim of uplifting the social life of workers and booming the State economy, and successful implementation of such an objective much depends on the strength of workers.


Esteemed workers

The government assists in domestic manufacturing for development, shaping the country from importer to exporter, enhancement of the basic education sector, turning out qualified human resources, producing qualified skilled labours, conducting vocational courses in rural areas, and sustainable development of MSME businesses to improve socioeconomic life of the people and generating jobs.


The National Skills Standards Authority-NSSA has been formed to produce skilled workers in line with the advancement of new technologies aimed at emerging a massive worker with competitive capability in the international arena so as to develop the qualification and skills of workers who are a primary drive in the manufacturing sector. In so doing, the government is implementing the work procedures on assessment for skills and recognition.


Esteemed workers

The government, employers and employees are striving together for operating factories and industries including garment industries based on labour forces in continuity for booming the State economy and creating employment opportunities. On the other hand, the government allows foreign companies and ethnic entrepreneurs to operate the businesses on the basis of cutting, making and packaging (CMP) and foreign investment in Myanmar under the Myanmar Investment Law.


Labour attachés have been assigned in Thailand, Malaysia and the Republic of Korea where the majority of Myanmar workers work providing entitlement to those Myanmar migrant workers abroad in line with the laws of relevant countries. Moreover, Myanmar embassies in relevant countries protect those Myanmar workers.


Myanmar is exercising provision 87 of the ILO for freedom of formation and organizing of associations for safeguarding the rights of employees, improvement of relations between employers and employees, systematic and free formation of employee organizations and enjoying entitlements including health and social security for employees in addition to worksite safety. In accord with the Labour Organization Law 2011, the government allowed 3,015 employee organizations and 28 employer organizations and cooperates with them in all measures.


Esteemed workers

Aimed at contributing to the economic development of the State with increasing productivity for enabling workers who are the primary productive force of the State to enjoy social life security and healthcare services, three workers’ hospitals, 96 social security clinics, 58 departmental dispensaries, one traditional medicine clinic, 36 private hospitals and clinics and two mobile medical units are providing medical treatment to the insured workers and issuing monetary compensation.


Workplace safety and health entitlements are verified and supervised at factories, workshops and workplaces, and knowledge-sharing talks are focused on workplace safety and the health of workers.


Procedures are being implemented to minimize child labour, especially in the force to work in the worst form, effectively protect child workers who are legally allowed to work, seek proper work for child workers from dangerous workplaces, and create chances for them to attend vocational courses.


The arbitration council, arbitration panel and negotiation teams have been formed to solve the problems and to manufacture more products through coordination in the workplaces between employers and employees, to strengthen cooperation, to obtain good results in workplaces, decline disputes and improve mutual trust in the workplaces.


Esteemed workers

Now is the time to apply geographical conditions and the nature of climatic conditions of Myanmar to develop the country in harmony with the socioeconomic improvement of citizens. The government’s focus on the interests of the State and the ethnic people is shaping a better State and socioeconomic life in line with the motto: “Keep Moving Forward to Achieve Our Goal.”


In this regard, it is necessary to strive for seeking the best ways and means to practically serve the interests of the entire people. As Myanmar is endowed with a lot of natural resources, the role of workers must be relied on for the improvement of business and manufacturing at home with the encouragement of the government.


Cooperation of workers with the government may reflect enhancement of manufacturing for the long-term development of the country, socioeconomic security of the people, peace and prosperity of the State and food security as well as improvement of health, education and social sectors in synchronization.


In conclusion, the government is implementing the objects in all sectors in order to turn out human resources required in restoring the internal peace, shape the market economic system and build a modern, developed Union based on democracy and federalism. As the massive workers which is a primary force make concerted efforts for the enhancement of fraternity and unity with the Union spirit so as to contribute to the peace and stability as well as the rule of law for the whole Union for ensuring socioeconomic life security of the people, I would like to send this message of greetings by recognizing the endeavours of the workers.