Helping conserve the natural environment benefit entire people

THE natural environment is constituted of living beings and forests. As such, living beings or forests cannot stand alone in the natural environment. If only one group stands along, the environment will face unbalanced events. Myanmar, the agro-based country, has been holding the rainy season tree-growing ceremonies since 2017 as part of greening the environment. During the period from 2017 to 2020, more than 80 per cent of saplings have been thriving, according to the Department of Forest.

The saplings were grown on both sides of large and small roads across the nation, in housing communities, schools, offices and government buildings as well as outside the public areas such as the places close to forest reserves and protected public forests.

Aimed at extending the greening areas, more than 72 million saplings such as teak, ironwood, gum-kino, sal, star-flower, neem and other hardwoods were grown in 2017 with 59.02 per cent of thriving. Likewise, more than 62.32 million out of 73 million saplings thrived in 2018, over 58 million out of 68.79 million saplings have been gaining growth since 2019 and over 57 million out of more than 68 million saplings thrived in 2020.

In 2021, a target was set to grow 36.26 million saplings across the nation in the monsoon tree-growing ceremony, with a systematic arrangement for the thriving of the saplings.

Naturally, the thriving of trees can prevent landslides and erosions, while mitigating the outbreak of natural disasters. Forests adjust to the hotness of the sun every season with their emission of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Oxygen from the forest can save ozone depletion in the sky, barring the falls of ultraviolet from the sunray. Likewise, forests can prevent strong winds, flooding, silting, change of waterways and cleaning the air for the people while giving forest products to the local people.

On the other hand, the people need to nurture the forests and trees for long-term thriving so as to extract necessary forest products under the limitation. As such, the thriving of trees in the environment will benefit people’s daily life. Reciprocally, the efforts of the people in nurturing the forests can contribute to the conservation of the natural environment so as to create the safe life of living beings and trees.