Harmonize ecosystem with development of living beings

February 23,2022

CURRENTLY, the climate is changing in various forms across the world. Warming of the North Pacific Drift causes a process of the La Niña with the speedy wind of northeast monsoon, lessening night temperature in Myanmar, increasing coldness, effects of whirlwinds from the east and untimely raining. 

As humans do not take a notice of climate change due to daily busy processes, they unexpectedly encounter not only COVID-19 but seasonal flu. In fact, the world has created the proper environment and climatic conditions in harmony with the living beings. However, humans cannot give priority to the conservation of the ecosystem. The people need to cooperate with governments and relevant organizations in preventing environmental degradation. 

Currently, all humans and living beings are suffering from the impacts of subsequences of climate change. Greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide gas are the primary sources to cause climate change. As carbon dioxide is emitted from the materials used for the development of society, these gases cannot be remarkably reduced yet. For the time being, the increasing population of the world and the lifestyle evolution of humans also harm the ecosystem. 

As civilization and lifestyle are improving in many countries day by day, only when the global development and environmental conservation for the ecosystem can be managed in harmony can all the humans and living beings march to the sustainable development goal. So, jungles, mangrove forests, coasts and marine ecosystems are crucial in removing the elements which trigger climate change. These ecosystems absorb a large volume of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Such a kind of natural storage is called blue carbon. Some countries emphasize conservation for the rapid thriving of coastal areas, marine resources, forests and mangrove plantations. Only when all global countries enhance conservation measures can they harmoniously take care of ecosystems so as to emerge the regular circle of seasons across the world, much benefiting the humans and environments. Mangrove forests are a green wall for living beings. The businesses based on maritime travels, offshore and inshore fishery, offshore oil and natural gas production, tourism and other businesses are of blue business. Hence, conservation of the coastal mangrove forests can benefit the country. 

As such, Myanmar is implementing the administrative plans and policies for coastal areas and marine businesses while focusing on the harmonious development of the ecosystem for the standing of living beings similar to that of global countries.