Harmonization exists between political stability and development

May 18

By Maythu Lwin


POLITICAL stability is truly the bottom line for national development which is the truth for every nation. The Republic of the Union of Myanmar has struggled with armed conflicts for over 70 years which is the main culprit for a lag in development. Losses to the nation are still countless due to political instability. Under State Administration Council’s supervision, actions are being taken to revive the NCA peace process which was initiated on 15 October 2015. State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing highlighted the importance of prompt implementation of NCA “As NCA was drawn by stakeholders in accord with the proposals of ethnic armed organizations, only when all walk on that way will the peaceful and tranquil State, we all aspire to. Hence, it is necessary to leave a peaceful legacy for prosperity and quickly implement the peace process” as an honour of the 67th Anniversary of the Kayin State Day Ceremony.


When observing Singapore’s history, one of the four Asian Tigers, it has proved a stable political environment since its independence in 1965. This advantage has boosted its leaders’ attention to development initiatives. In addition, a well-rounded education system of Singapore, nurturing skilled human resources has allowed the country to stand out as one of the most developed countries in ASEAN. This is vivid evidence of how political stability can grant the country and its citizens to create a strong nation and perform their best.


Undeniably, political instability has brought about declining foreign direct investment inflows, the dominance of the black market, the increasing rate of inflation, the problem of brain drains, and the spread of fake news and misinformation, among them, the worst fact is the fear of the public. When reflecting upon this, the victory of every civil war is bittersweet, especially when the victims are the citizens. If it is accepted that every civil war happens for a reason and different perceptions, it is to be accepted that its long-term consequence is disastrous. Every civil war is indeed bloody politics.


Nowadays, a global value chain which is international production sharing has taken place among countries. As a matter of fact, when a country lacks political stability, developing a robust economy is difficult to achieve. Investors require political, legal, economic, taxation and financial conditions to remain stable as a guarantee of their investment in any home country. Therefore, it is to be aware that every action and plan taken by different armed organizations convey favourable conditions for the motherland in meeting global demand. It is a duty to prevent the motherland from going backwards in an international setting.


As of the beginning, the implementation of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement didn’t initiate based upon 100 per cent trust between parties. Depending upon existing trust, the agreement was made on the basis of adhering to national interests. As the strength of the nation lies within, only when all different organizations cooperate, will the nation be on the development route.