Give chance to students for shaping their lives with the sporting spirit

The sporting spirit is the best driving force to uplift the morale of the youths who would shoulder the State re­sponsibilities of the State at different capacities in the future. Those youths with high morale and morality will be able to lead the future nation and nationals on the path of the multiparty democratic system.


To have a sporting spirit, children and youths must be trained at young ages while they are learning basic education at different levels. Only when the basic foundation of the spirit is sound will their lives be on the right track leading to the goals they anticipate. Hence, basic education teachers as well as sports trainers play a key role in shaping the lives of those youths.


Recently, the basic education students’ sports festival for the 2022-23 academic year took place at the Wunna Theikdi Stadium-B in Nay Pyi Taw from 18 to 27 January 2023. The festival comprised men’s and women’s football, volleyball and track and field, and men’s Sepak Takraw events in which a total of 1,680 students participated.


Sports competitions should not be focused on just winning and losing. Those stu­dents took part in the festival with perseverance, tolerance, skills, sporting spirit, unity, fol­lowing disciplines, and polite­ness which are tools to shape the mindsets of those students to have better lives with new perspectives and knowledge. It is sure that those student-ath­letes would bring good results of sporting spirit to their prac­tical life in relationships with their families, societies, and environs.


The health and fitness of all citizens will be the strength to build a new modern nation that will create a pleasant and prosperous society. If so, peo­ple from such a society will have the chance to enjoy the fruits of developing Myanmar in the future shaped by the new generation of youths.


On the other hand, those student-athletes will have the op­portunity to show off their brilliant skills and talent at the festival. If so, they might be chosen as selected players at some different levels and then the selected players represent the whole nation. One of the essences of the students’ sports festival is to turn out outstanding athletes for the country.


Victories of the athletes representing Myanmar in internation­al-level sports competitions are good results to show off the unity of the State, prestige, and patriotic spirit of the people. Hence, all the students need to take lessons from the students’ sports festival to forge the spirit to uplift the prestige and integrity of the nation as well as their lives.