Foodstuffs providing ceremony for displaced people takes place in Pinlaung Township

In collaboration with the Pa-O Self-Administered Zone Admin­istration Body and the Pa-O Na­tional Organization-PNO, a cer­emony for providing foodstuffs to temporarily displaced people was held at the multi-purpose hall in the Pinlaung Township of Pa-O Self-Administered Zone, Shan State (South), on 22 March.


At first, Member of Pa-O Self-Administered Zone Admin­istration Body Lt-Col Nyi Nyi Tin gave an opening speech and Town Elder U Khun Maung Thaung gave words of encour­agement to the temporarily dis­placed people.


The commodities were pre­sented to the displaced people by Lieutenant-Colonel Nyi Nyi Tin, U Khun Hla Thein, depart­mental staff of Pa-O Self-Ad­ministered Zone, the PNO, Chairman U Win Ko of Pa-O Lit­erary and Cultural Association (Central), Town Elder U Khun Maung Thaung, Santa Kham (PNO), Major Khun Joseph and Township Administrator U Tint Zaw Htet. On behalf of the temporarily displaced people, a resident gave a word of thanks.


There are 930 households and 3,855 displaced people in the Pinlaung Township. It is re­ported that the food commodi­ties provided to the temporarily displaced people were 352 rice bags, 465 visses of edible oil, 930 visses of chickpeas, and 465 visses of salt with a total val­ue of K29,610,000. — Township IPRD/CT