Follow the ways to ensure the fire safety of society

AS NOW is the time entering the hot and dry season, some events on outbreaks of fire, leaving losses and damage. So, fire safety is of great importance day by day. The work procedures minimizing the loss and waste in the outbreak of fire can be dubbed the preventive measures of fire.


The governments in successive eras assist in functions of the firefighter brigade as well as the Fire Services Department. Fire stations are facilitated with modern fire extinguishers and fire trucks in addition to the recruitment of new firefighters. Also, those firefighters sacrifice their life and limb in putting out the fire whenever the people face the danger of fire.


Moreover, the government has already set up the command and control centre at the Myanmar Fire Brigade Headquarters to rapidly respond to the outbreak of fire, the danger of flooding and storms as well as earthquakes. The centre monitors Yangon City with the use of 16 cameras through an e-watching tower system.


The Myanmar Fire Brigade Headquarters stated that a total of 150 outbreaks of fire happened across the nation in January 2022 with more than K400 million worth of losses. A total of 254 outbreaks of fire left losses worth over K900 million in February 2022. Indeed, the ways of fire safety comprise the purpose to prevent the outbreak of uncontrollable fire and the putting down of fire and its subsequent impacts. The ways of fire safety are also the facilities of fire extinguishers at the buildings. Moreover, raising the awareness of preventing the fire and giving training to residents from the buildings are ways to have the knowledge how to put out the fire.


The policies on fire prevention are still effective from the time of constructing a building to the period of using that building. Relevant authorities strict the rules and regulations for the buildings facilitated with emergency exits, warning marks, gathering points for the danger of fire, doors, windows and walls which must be granted for the resilience of fire.


Applying the electronic rules and regulations for the prevention of overheating at machinery and electronic errors can be dubbed as the fire preventive policies. So, people need to comply with the rules and regulations in firefighting in order to enable the people from the specific areas to be free from the danger of fire and give a helping hand to the victims of the fire at any place.