Don’t stop but march forward to fight COVID-19

THE Union government and authorities of regions and states are joining hands with the people in battling the COVID-19 to decline a half down of infection rate against this August.


The infection rate of COVID-19 accounted for 40.82 per cent on 23 July and 40.07 per cent on 25 July. It was the first stage to reduce the infection rate in August. On 29 August, 3,166 persons of 29,127 persons were approved as the positive patients in medical examination, accounting for just 10.87 per cent. It was satisfactory for plunging the infection ra te into less than 20 per cent that the government expected.


Such success was based on the harmonious cooperation of the people and management of organizations. To be able to reduce the infection rate of the pandemic, the government contacted the friendship countries as well as neighbouring countries for buying the anti-COVID-19 vaccines and medical equipment to vaccinate the people in time.


Moreover, the already arrived anti-COVID-19 are distributed to regions and states by military aircraft and vehicles without delay. In this regard, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Ministry of Defence was ordered to transport the anti-COVID-19 devices and accessories to all regions and states as part of the timely distribution. Local ethnic people from Kachin, Shan, Kayin and Mon states and Taninthayi Region working in China, Lao and Thailand returned home but they did not inform the local authorities about their return to the home via border gates.


After arriving at home, they suffered from the impacts of COVID-19. That is why officials at different levels need to provide necessary medical examinations and protection for those returnees in order to plunge the infection rate of COVID-19 in border areas as well as the whole country. For the time being, efforts are being made to prevent and control the spreading of variant COVID-19 virus not only in border areas but also in regions and states including Nay Pyi Taw Council Area by systematically vaccinating the local people.


Since early August this year, the government set an aim to ensure a half down of COVID-19 infection rate in August. In the coming months, the country should strive for applying the united tripartite strength of health personnel, local people and authorities in fighting against COVID-19 under the health restrictions.