Don’t shirk responsibilities in the workplace

September 20


EVERY workplace is formed with a number of female and male workers who participate in work procedures in decision-making, operation, management, administration, finance, security, general and so on.


You can see every worker joining the work process by pouring out his efforts in a bit to contribute to successful production. You must keep a concept in your mind. Whenever you are working, all the other people in the workplace are also working similar to you. You should think when you are working, someone is shirking responsibilities.


If you do not discard your wrong thoughts, you may face the same reflection of your act. So, other workers will consider you may dodge the duty when they are working. Actually, nobody avoids the duties including you. So, you should hold up the correct thoughts related to the work process. As all workmates do not dodge assigned duty, you should not refuse to cooperate with other persons in production and you should work similarly to others.


In the workplace, nobody should take advantage more than other people. All workmates have to enjoy the rights of individuals on equal terms. All participants in the workplace need to work and take responsibility at different levels. Their salaries depend on their ranks and status in taking responsibilities under the management of their superiors. Every workplace must be formed with different positions of workers. It is the nature of the workplace.


Even though workplaces are formed in a systematic procedure, some persons think they alone are taking heavy responsibility. Their assigned duties are heavier than others. Such a concept is totally wrong. If you are in a position of the lower level at present, you may become a higher-level position depending on your efforts, hardworking results and other unwritten outstanding performances. Hence, you should underestimate other persons by carelessly assessing their efforts and outputs. Whenever you hold up the wrong concept, you never achieve success in relevant production and relationship with others.


Hence, you should change your mindset in associating with other workplace participants and should try your best in the workplace similar to other workers. Only when you dutifully serve your assignments will you keep abreast of others. If you do not have the correct attitudes, you will not achieve the correct assessment of others. If so, underestimation and wrong concepts will be interrelated endlessly for you. As such, you have to keep the positive attitude at fore forever, fostering empathy for others.