Conduct research for benefiting the whole nation

January 26


In a couple of words, research and development are inseparable in all measures, the research measure of which is a lifeblood of any profession such as academic, manufacturing, social, economic and any other affairs to have progress in society.


Any workplace needs to do research for modernizing itself to be able to shoulder opponent workplaces. In Myanmar, experts and scholars are conducting research on respective arenas such as political, economic and social sectors theoretically and practically. Results from the research processes are combined with experiences to be applied in the development undertakings of the relevant workplaces as well as societies.


Conducting research measures is surging in all aspects of Myanmar thanks to experts and scholars in all fields. Everybody in relevant professions comprehensively understands the importance of doing research and development for the improvement of their workplaces as well as themselves. As such, paper-reading sessions have been held for 22 years in Myanmar as of 2001.


The Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science hosted the 22nd research conference at the convocation hall of Yangon University, which is a prominent institution in Myanmar, from 19 to 21 December 2022. The research conference of the MAAS focused on reading 243 research papers in 24 of 32 subjects being taught at universities and colleges of the higher education sector.


Only when all students, as well as faculty members, are keen to conduct research tasks will relevant societies achieve greater success. Hence, encouragement must be given to university students, faculty members, scholars and experts from relevant workplaces to continuously conduct research in order to find results on the greater process in the respective fields to be shared with new generations.


Especially, higher education institutions such as arts and science universities, computer, medical, engineering, forestry, veterinary, agricultural and other subjects are more responsible for conducting research tasks. Only when those from these institutions find new developments will they improve their scope of knowledge to be able to benefit society. Hence, the Ministry of Education arranges the establishment of the Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) depending on the potential of the relevant regions.


As findings from the research work directly benefit researchers, faculty members and students in respective subjects and help create good prospects for the development of relevant areas, all professionals, scholars and students need to join research fields to accelerate the research process for the interests of the nation and the nationals so as to uplift socioeconomic life of the people.