Closely join hands between government and taxpayers in the financial sector

July 17, 2021

The government allocates its budgets obtained from tax payments of taxpayer people and companies which earn incomes from respective businesses and services and spends it on nation-building tasks.

Actually, taxpayers dutifully pay respective kinds of tax to the Department of Internal Revenue in relevant financial years. The department is responsible for assessing the tax payments from the taxpayers in order to levy the taxes over their businesses. Hence, both taxpayers and tax collectors need to take care of their works not to cause any errors in the work process. Any error may cause loss to the taxpayers. So, the department modernizes the smooth work process for the taxpayers to submit tax declarations to the department by applying an e-filing management system.

Taxpayers are responsible for paying respective taxes depending on their incomes and need to submit relevant quarterly tax declarations to the department. The department levies taxes at the large taxpayer office and medium taxpayer offices. Local manufacturers of special commodities or exporters must submit the quarterly declarations to relevant heads of the Township Internal Revenue Department within a month after respective quarterly periods for manufacturing and selling or exporting the special commodities.

Those who have earned proceeds from sales of goods or income of services from sales deserved to be levied for commercial tax within a year need to submit the quarterly special commercial tax declaration, the quarterly commercial tax declaration, the profit declaration from goods, the annual commercial tax declaration and the income tax declaration to relevant heads of the department.

If taxpayers are difficult to submit the tax declarations during the fixed date, they have the chance to apply for extending the further fixed date for submitting the tax declaration to relevant internal revenue offices under Section 24 of the Tax Management Law.

As a family, the government is like a father leading the family. Taxpayers are family members to earn income for the family. The government, the leader of the family, is responsible for managing the family income how to spend the finance on fulfilling the needs of the family and how to develop the family. In the current situation, the government and the taxpayers should closely be related to each other in the State’s financial sector.