Change mindsets of all to restore perpetual peace

March 15,2022

RESTORATION of perpetual peace depends on changing mindsets of three parties namely the government, the armed organizations and the people. As such, the changing mindsets will help restore peace not only in relevant areas but in the whole country. 

All stakeholders wish to march into the restoration of peace through the straight ways, bent ways, twisted ways and far distance ways. They all launch their ways from different dimensions or different starting points to the target of the peace process. Some of them are standing back to back before starting their ways to peace. Some are marching towards the facing areas. But, their goal is a single one so as to restore perpetual peace. 

The goal of perpetual peace is visible. They all are believed to be willing to restore the peace. No one should not discard the margin line for them, showing their hearts as shreds of evidence for the peace restoration process. Their hearts can escape from the burdens of nightmares. Consequently, they can easily store peace based on patience, mutual respect, trust and understanding. 

The government issued a statement on 28 February 2022 that the suspension of Tatmadaw’s military operations was extended from 1 March 2022 to 31 December 2022 with the aim of restoring the perpetual peace across the nation, enhancing the peace process, and effectively carrying out the prevention, control and treatment activities of COVID- 19 pandemic throughout the nation. In fact, both the head of state and all Union level officials, all the people and both leaders and followers of ethnic armed organizations must refresh their mindsets on how to smoothen the way to perpetual peace restoration together setting aside the different issues. Their willingness will reflect their mindsets for the implementation of the peace restoration process. At a time when perpetual peace can be restored in the entire nation, the hearts of the government, the people and the ethnic armed organizations will be the same. 

The perpetual peace will bring good fortune to all the ethnic people to be free from the danger of life in armed conflicts. They have chances to peacefully live in their respective regions. All stakeholders should shrink their ways to perpetual peace, serving the interests of the people and the nation. The country which already restored peace is ready to launch its trip to the development goal. In the future, fine results of development undertakings will be confetti in celebration of the peace process.