Beware of dangers in disasters during the pre-monsoon period 

May 2,2022

SINCE the early 21st Century, climate change has been bring-ing terrible natural disasters such as heat strokes, severe storms, flash flooding and landslides to the planet Earth. These disasters are more and more violent many times. 

Myanmar is involved on the list of global countries facing the impacts of climate change. Hence, the entire people of Myanmar need to take care of possible natural disasters in the seasonal transition period between the summer and the monsoon. 

Indeed, the global warming involved in the important points of climate change is triggered by increasing number of greenhouse gas impacts committed by human beings. The meteorological records mentioned that summer temperature had been remark-ably increasing in all parts of Myanmar since 1977. 

The high temperature of the climatic conditions may affect the oceans and land ar-eas, causing storms. Hence, all the people should beware of the dangers of storms in the pre-monsoon period on a yearly basis. Regrettably, cyclonic storm Nargis swept the deltaic area and Yangon Region of Myanmar, starting on 28 April 2008. 

Some 140,000 people lost their lives in the terrible cy-clonic storm, and hundreds of thousands of people were injured in the event, in addi-tion to the unprecedented so-cial suffering. The total loss amounted to K11.7 trillion. 

Myanmar is located in geographical conditions that may easily face storms, tor-rential rains, landslides, rivers overflow and flash flooding an-nually. Hence, the government is taking preventive measures against natural disasters that may break out in seasons to ensure disaster risk reduction. At the same time, the people residing in disaster-prone ar-eas need to take preventive measures for disasters and conduct rehearsals for disas-ter-prepared efforts. 

Notably, the people in the disaster-prone areas need to listen to the weather forecast timely announced through media and radio, make arrangements for easily carrying the necessary documents, previous items, medicines and utensils, seek the safer places at the shelters and repair the houses to be strengthened as much as possible in order to reduce the disaster risks. 

Only when the government and people are to join hands in tak-ing measures of disaster risk reduction for overcoming challenges of various disasters with losing life and property of the people at the minimum will the entire nation be safer in possible dangers of disasters in the pre-monsoon period yearly.