Assessment of voting should be based on pre-election, election and post-election days but just an election day whether an election is free and fair, Senior General says

November 10


IT is necessary to emphasize that the country can be built with the strength of educated persons but non-educated ones, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting 17/2021 of the State Administration Council at the SAC Chairman’s Office yesterday afternoon.


In his speech, the Senior General highlighted that more than 2,305,000 students are attending the basic education schools till 8 November after opening the schools due to the declining of COVID-19 infection rate. It was made efforts to prevent loss of students in the education, and students aged 12 years and above and teachers, as well as the people of above 45 years old, are being vaccinated. Thanks to taking security measures by parents and those wishing to ensure peace and stability of the community, a few basic education schools faced disturbances. Threatening the students in learning education is a stupid act, undermining the country.


With regard to opening the universities, the Senior General remarked: “We have plans to reopen universities for higher education. Now, we appoint new faculty members at universities. We will reopen the universities step by step depending on the results of opening the basic education schools but we cannot open all the courses at the same time. Priority will be given to the opening of doctoral courses, master’s courses, qualified courses and honour courses. Afterwards, we will open final years’ courses, then the third year and second year and so on. It is more important for having the knowledge to pass the examination. Students need to have the knowledge in conformity with their grades. I’d like to note that if the education of the nation can improve, the country would have a good future. It is necessary to emphasize that the country can be built with the strength of educated persons but non-educated ones.”


The Senior General pointed out that as the people need to have their longevity, it is necessary to reduce rice consumption for reduction of carbohydrates but consume meat, fish, vegetables and eggs to have protein for the body. Everybody needs to consume three to six eggs per day, five to 10 ticals of meat and fish as well as five to 12 ticals of vegetables per day. As the power of the State is people, emphasis must be placed on increasing of life expectancy of the people with healthiness. Hence, people are urged to change their consumption and lifestyle forms.


Assessment of voting should be based on pre-election, election and post-election days but just an election day whether an election is free and fair. Political parties sent letters and reports to him on voting frauds in the 2020 multiparty democracy general election. More than 11 million ballots were wrongly counted in the election across the nation in scrutinizing the voter lists. Voting fraud is the worst in the democracy.


Members of the State Administration Council discussed enactment of the law opposing foreign interference, promotion of relations with the countries among ASEAN countries which have sympathy over Myanmar and enhancement of Myanmar-China relations, publishing of pamphlets on terror acts of terrorists CRPH, NUG and PDF across the nation, implementation of Dawei Deep Sea Port Project, reduction of diagnostic charge in examining the COVID-19 virus, and cooperation with relevant organizations for the life safety of local people in Kayah State.


In his response, the Senior General said that the Ministry of Legal Affairs is assigned to scrutinize the country-wise laws related to the law opposing foreign interference. The government will encourage the production of value-added products but prohibit sales of raw materials of natural resources. State-owned and Tatmadaw-owned media are striving for disseminating the acts of terrorist organizations to the people. Disbursement of loans from the COVID-19 fund will depend on the financial situation. If the COVID-19 is under control, outbound tourism services will be allowed to be implemented. The projects contributing to the economic development of the State, including the Dawei Deep Sea Port Project, will be implemented. Necessary workshops and contests will be held for the enhancement of the educational qualification of students.


In his concluding remarks, the Senior General said the development of the country depends on firm currency and economic growth. Importation is being controlled for reducing the trade deficit of the nation while efforts are being made for increasing the export of value-added products. The increased production process can create job opportunities and prosperity in the socio-economic life of the people.


Private banks need to follow the directives of the Central Bank of Myanmar. People need to abide by the directive of the Central Bank of Myanmar in the payment system. Only when the import of palm oil and fuel can be reduced, will the country reduce spending the foreign exchange. People need to reform the consumption type with a decrease in oil consumption. Officials need to manage public transport for the reduction of fuel. — MNA