78 confirmed dead after Aegean Sea quake

Turkish and Greek authorities say they have confirmed that 78 people are dead following the powerful earthquake that struck in the Aegean Sea on Friday.


Turkish authorities say the magnitude 7.0 quake and ensuing tsunami left 76 people dead and 962 others injured in the nation. Greek authorities say two people are dead and 19 have been injured in their country.


Search and rescue operations are continuing for people trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings.


The Turkish government said on Sunday that 22 ships have sunk and 43 others have run aground.


One person drowned in the western Turkish province of Izmir. Residents in the coastal town of Seferihisar in the province are clearing mud from their homes and shops.


A man who runs a souvenir shop said he is busy cleaning some of his store shelves. He said he retrieved them after they were washed away by the tsunami. He said that is all he can do. The man added that he is determined to survive.


Local government employees have been sent to the affected areas to support the recovery efforts.