5,000 acres of oil palm to be expanded in Myeik District in 5 years

March 24


THE oil palm plantation project was developed 30 years ago in Taninthayi Region, covering a total of 404,000 acres. A plan to add about 5,000 more acres within five years is undertaken, said Daw Ingyin Khaing, head of the Myeik District Agriculture Department.


The department has been providing hybrid plants and technical assistance to the growers.


“The department will expand the oil palm plantation project to about 5,000 acres in the coming five years. There are 21 incorporations engaged in oil palm plantations in Myeik District and 39 private farm owners,” she was quoted as saying.


There are 68,960 acres of oil palm plantations in Myeik District. Oil palm yield can be found in approximately 127,000 acres across Taninthayi Region and 23,700 in Myeik District, according to the department.


“The yield is estimated at 2.8 tonnes per acre throughout the year in the 2020-2021 financial year. It can generate an income of K310,000 per tonne. There is small oil mills in Myeik District. It has a capacity limit and cannot mill all the palm fruits produced in the district. Therefore, they are delivered to a processing factory in Bokpyin in Kawthoung District and Yuzana crude oil mill in Kawthoung city.


The authorities are working on the establishment of palm oil plants in the district. There is an increasing requirement for palm oil in the domestic market.


Daw Ingyin Khaing addressed expanding operations for the oil palm plantation in Myeik, Bokpyin and Kawthoung cities in the south of Taninthayi Region, effective production planning and setting up the processing palm oil plants under the guidance of the government to minimize the wastages, meet the demand and reduce the foreign currency outflows.


If the growers and companies effectively operate that business, the palm fruits can be harvested in five years of cultivation. It can cover the capital cost in three to four years starting from harvesting. It will bring long-term economic benefits to them for sure.


Enthusiastic growers can join the courses related to oil palm plantations conducted by the department. — Myint Oo (Myeik)/GNLM