Raise State funds through the correct tax payment process

December 8


Only when a government obtains a full amount of revenue levied in various sectors will it stand tall with strenuous efforts for undertaking the development of the country.


The government allocates the budget which came from various revenues to respective sectors for implementing the short- and long-term plans benefiting the people and regions. If the government does not have an adequate budget, it cannot do any moves not only for the people but for itself.


Currently, the government cannot obtain the full amount of taxes including the income tax from taxpayers. In fact, the taxpayers at different levels need to be loyal to the State with submission of their incomes and profits to be levied in financial years. It is because they can operate their businesses in a smooth manner under the shelter of the government. Moreover, the government gives priority to taxpayers in some sectors rather than ordinary people. So, those taxpayers should not forget their gratitude to the government forever.


Myanmar’s borderland opens border trade zones, border trade camps and export/import office for handling the export and import processes crossing the border sharing with China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh and India.


Myanmar exports goods to neighbouring countries via borderland. But, incomes from the exporters and importers do not fully flow to the government. In fact, they should not fail to pay taxes for their export and import processes to the government. At the same time, the staff assigned at the border gates and border trade centres are responsible for correctly levying the relevant taxes from the exporters. Practically, their failure to collect the taxes and unsystematic collection of taxes from businesspersons lost the income for the State. As such, it is necessary to strictly supervise the tax collection process at the border trade centres.


Officials need to monitor the trading of businesspersons for fully collecting the taxes. In addition, it is necessary to expose the malpractice of levying taxes for taking action against the offenders. It is sure that only when officials strictly supervise the tax collection process across the nation will the government raise its fund to be spent on nation-building measures.


Taxpayers are responsible for paying taxes to the government. If the government has the chance to manage its budget, the country will stand tall among other countries without losing independence and sovereignty. GNLM