Traditionally woven cotton clothes selling well in Katha

Traditional cotton clothes and garments woven by local ethnic people from Thargaya Village in Katha Township are highly demanded in the local market.

“Weaving skills are handed down from one generation to the next in Seik Khon Village in Shwebo Township and Thargaya Village in Katha Township. Weaving of a sarong-like nether garment, known as longyi in Myanmar parlance, takes two days. We sell one longyi for K18,000. Before we can weave the longyis, we have to purchase raw materials, and they are costly. We have to spend K65,000 for a cotton roll and K1,100 for a viss of 2/100 cotton. If we weave daily, we can generate extra income for our family. So, the local women here are learning how to weave longyis,” said Ma Hnin Phyu, a local weaver from Thargaya Village.

“Nether garments made of silk are quite different in texture from cotton clothes. Additionally, their patterns and designs are also different from cotton clothes,” she said.

“Silk longyis are light to wear and the colors are brilliant. Therefore, they are quite expensive,” she added.

Some of the ethnic longyis are more expensive and cost nearly K100,000, according to a local villager.

The authorities have already discussed ways to attract foreign and local visitors to come to observe the local weaving industries in these villages in the tourist season. The local authorities will submit a proposal in this regard to the ministry, said an officer.—Ngwe O (Katha)
(Translated by Hay Mar)