Strong bean export trades elevate Mandalay market in post-Thingyan

Mandalay bean traders report brisk trading in export beans at the Mandalay market during the New Year period following the Thingyan festival.


“The Mandalay bean mar­ket is bustling with activity after Thingyan. Various export beans such as black grams, pigeon peas, and chickpeas are fetch­ing better prices than before the Thingyan period,” said U Soe Win Myint, owner of Soe Win My­int brokerage house in Mandalay.


“Trading is progressing smoothly, with bean prices in­creasing rapidly. Export beans command good prices in the Mandalay market. Black grams, in particular, are in high demand in India. With prices steadily ris­ing, growers are enjoying higher profits. Beans from all over the country are traded daily between buyers and sellers,” he added.


The price of black grams has risen from K290,000 per three-basket bag before Thing­yan to K305,000 after Thingyan. Similarly, the price of pigeon peas increased from K360,000 to K400,000, and chickpeas from K245,000 to K257,000. Trading conditions are reported to be favourable, with prices on the rise. — Min Htet Aung (Manda­lay Sub-Printing House)/MKKS