Utilize libraries to modernize motherland Myanmar

LIBRARIES play a pivotal role in the advancement of nations, and Myanmar, our beloved motherland, is no exception. In the journey towards societal progress, it is imperative for individuals to uplift themselves both physically and mentally. This collective effort not only betters individual lives but also lays the groundwork for the development of future generations and, subsequently, the entire society.


By recognizing the significance of knowledge dissemination, the people of Myanmar are embracing the power of libraries to broaden their horizons. With regard to sharing knowledge with each other, a number of libraries at different levels have been established in all parts of Myanmar for many years, but most of them have been ruined for various reasons.


Despite challenges such as the decay of existing libraries, efforts have been made to es­tablish and sustain these vital institutions. Many libraries, whether initiated by local com­munities, in honour of notable figures, or with the support of benefactors, have dutifully served as beacons of knowl­edge. Whatever it may be, all libraries have dutifully served the dissemination of knowl­edge to the readers. Thanks to these libraries, readers can apply knowledge from books in practical fields to achieve success in their lives. In fact, libraries are the best tool for people from developing coun­tries.


The Department of Infor­mation and Public Relations under the Ministry of Infor­mation, alongside various organizations and societies, has been instrumental in ex­panding access to literature across the nation. With over 410 people’s libraries operat­ed in districts and townships, more than 3,500 libraries in 471 towns and more than 23,000 village-tracts nationwide, My­anmar is witnessing a concerted effort to democratize knowledge.


It is incumbent upon every member of society to encourage the younger generations to glean wisdom from the vast treasury of literature. Education derived from this wealth of knowledge serves as a life university, gradually transforming lives and shaping the fabric of society. By embracing learning and leveraging it to improve their lives, individuals contribute to the modernization of their communities and, ultimately, the entire nation.


As individuals strive for personal growth through knowledge, the collective progress of Myanmar becomes inevitable. With each citizen empowered with the tools of education, the nation is poised to embark on a journey towards prosperity and advancement. The seeds of progress sown today in the form of accessible libraries will undoubtedly bear fruit, ushering in a brighter future for gen­erations to come.