Myanmar falls short of green gram export target in FY 2023-2024

Myanmar failed to meet the export target of 600,000 tonnes for green grams in the financial year 2023-2024 (April- March), with only 500,000 tonnes being exported, the Ministry of Commerce’s sta­tistics showed.


Myanmar aimed to export 600,000 tonnes of green grams to external markets last FY, with 150,000 tonnes in each batch, the Ministry of Com­merce announced.


Nonetheless, Myanmar conveyed around 503,970 tonnes of green grams to for­eign markets in the past FY 2023-2024 beginning 1 April, according to the Ministry of Commerce.


Green grams are ex­ported to China, India, the Netherlands, Ire­land, England and Germany through maritime and border trade channels.


The price of green grams from the central Myanmar regions was K1,524,000 per tonne in early April. It hit a record high of K2,041,000 per tonne in the first week of February.


There is a wide range of for­eign markets for Myanmar’s green grams. More than 8,000 tonnes of green grams are sent yearly to the European Union mem­ber countries.


The Ministry of Agricul­ture, Livestock and Irriga­tion and the Ministry of Com­merce have agreed to export the green grams to European countries for bean sprouts starting in 2015. — NN/EM