School for the Blind to train playing musical instruments

Union Minister Dr Soe Win re­cently gave a speech that efforts should be made on teaching students to play musical instru­ments for Myanmar traditional bands and international bands.


During a visit to the Ky­imyindine School for the Blind and the Shwegondine Nursery on 29 February, the Union min­ister made a speech of training plans.


He also urged officials of schools to provide more types of vocational courses for students including playing musical in­struments to operate Myanmar bands and international bands and contact the Myanmar Paralympic Sports Federation so as to emerge new generation blind athletes and.


A total of 111 blind students between aged 6 and 18 are un­der training at the school at primary education level with braille letters as in-school edu­cation, and secondary and uni­versity studies are continuing to teach at the relevant schools opened by the Ministry of Ed­ucation through the Inclusive Education.


In addition, in cooperation with the Japan Heart group, a one-year physiotherapy course is being conducted for the stu­dents. — TWA/TKO