Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1/8 final match­es at Games of the Future ignite global interest

The 1/8 final matches of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang catego­ry at the Games of the Future event in Kazan have drawn global attention, showcasing an intense competition among teams from around the world. In a noteworthy battle, the Turkish team Fire Flux Esports clinched a victory against the Cambodian team BURN X FLASH, propelling them into the quarterfinals.


This victory, along with other matches, underscores the event’s unique ‘phygital’ format, blending physical prowess and digital strategy.


The Games of the Future event in Kazan stands out for its innovative approach to esports, combining physical and digital challenges. In this year’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang category, teams from various countries, including Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Russia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Türkiye, and Viet Nam, competed for dominance.


Notable matches included Twisted Minds from Saudi Arabia facing a defeat by Burmese Ghouls from Myanmar, and DeusVult from Russia losing to Homebois from Malaysia. Additionally, Royal Cybersport Club from Russia secured a win against Team Flash from Viet Nam, highlighting the intense competition and diverse strategies employed by teams from across the globe. — en.gofu­ture. games