Indonesia emerges as leading rice importer from Myanmar

Indonesia is the largest rice export destination for Myanmar, with over 230,000 tonnes shipped in the past ten months of the current financial year 2023-2024 beginning 1 April, the Myanmar Rice Federation’s figures showed.


The most common destina­tions for rice and broken rice ex­ports in the past ten months are Indonesia (232,000 tonnes), China (207,000 tonnes), the Philippines (over 127,000 tonnes), Belgium (over 122,000 tonnes), Spain (over 48,200 tonnes), the Netherlands (over 43,600 tonnes), Viet Nam (over 36,500 tonnes), Malaysia (over 32,500 tonnes), Poland (over 26,500 tonnes) and Turkiye (over 22,000 tonnes).


The federation aims to achieve rice exports of 2.5 million tonnes in the current FY, gener­ating earnings of US$1 billion.


Myanmar’s rice export ex­ceeded 1.16 million tonnes in the past ten months, with an estimat­ed value of $574 million.


The export volumes were registered at 87,648 tonnes worth $36 million in April 2023, 110,706 tonnes worth $48 million in May, 62,725 tonnes worth $28 million in June, 58,334 tonnes worth $26 million in July, 59,971 tonnes worth $28 million in August, 84,773 tonnes worth $42 million in Sep­tember, 119,526 tonnes worth $63 million in October, 175,990 tonnes worth $90 million in November, 195,829 tonnes worth $99 million in December and 213,605 tonnes worth $111 million in January 2024 respectively.


Therefore, the rice export volume was recorded as the highest in January, followed by December and November. The figures indicated a drop in June, July and August.


Myanmar exported 2,261,203 tonnes of rice and broken rice to foreign trade partners in the past 2022-2023 FY (April-March), with an estimated value of $853.472 million.


Last FY, China was the pri­mary buyer of Myanmar’s rice and broken rice with over 775,000 tonnes, followed by Belgium with 323,000 tonnes, Bangladesh with over 239,000 tonnes and the Phil­ippines with over 202,000 tonnes. — NN/EM