MoI Union Minister visits Daewoo Bus manufacturing workshop, Paper Factory (Yeni)

Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than visited the Daewoo Bus manufactur­ing workshop in Htaukkyant, Mingaladon Township, Yangon Region, yesterday morning.


He inspected the produc­tion of Daewoo buses and pro­vided guidance on accelerating the implementation of electric bus assembly and production projects, aligning with the State’s policies to support elec­tric vehicle development. The minister encouraged company officials to fulfill Corporate So­cial Responsibility (CSR) obliga­tions by establishing charging stations and mobile chargers for electric vehicles according to established protocols.


The Union minister pro­ceeded to the Paper Mill (Yeni) in Bago Region. He conduct­ed a tour and inspection of the repair and adjustment work on small-scale pulp and paper production machinery. He em­phasized the need to organize groups for manufacturing small pulp machines capable of pro­ducing three to five tonnes per day, with efforts aimed at de­veloping machines capable of producing up to ten tonnes per day. Additionally, he instruct­ed that the design of the small pulp machines should undergo pre-processing, and laboratory equipment should be reviewed and improved.


Furthermore, the Union minister directed the repair of machinery producing spare parts and the restoration of equipment requiring mainte­nance to facilitate the operation of the cardboard paper factory, which can produce 20 tonnes per day. Despite the employees’ experience in pulp and paper production, the Union minister recommended organizing work­shops and training sessions to ensure they are acquainted with modern technology.— MNA/ KZL