Ensure lasting peace and prosperity for Chin State and the Union

A momentous occasion unfolds as the Chin ethnic commu­nity, alongside their fellow ethnic brethren throughout the Union, embarks on a journey against colonial oppression, striving for independence, dismantling feudal structures, fostering solidarity among diverse hill and plain regions, and transitioning from a station head administration to a democratic system, all under the umbrella of national unity and the spirit of the Union.


However, the current landscape is marred by violence, unrest, the erosion of the rule of law, and acts threatening the disintegration of the nation, particularly in certain areas of Chin State. It is imperative to recognize that internal conflicts, misguided attitudes, and selfish actions can lead to the collapse of the entire nation, endangering its sovereignty. The antidote to such perils lies in embracing the Union spirit.


The State Administration Council’s principal goal is to relinquish state responsibilities to an elected government fol­lowing a free and fair multiparty democratic general election, aligning with the people’s aspirations upon the completion of measures taken during the State of Emergency. This entails executing plans to restore peace, stability, and a return to normalcy within the state.


The impact of Cyclone Mocha, which struck My­anmar on 14 May 2023, in­flicted significant damage on several townships in Chin State. Responding to this crisis, the government allocated K1,002.02 million for maintenance, emergency response, and rehabilitation in the affected areas. This gesture showcased a famil­ial, patriotic, and Union-ori­ented spirit in supporting the national brethren of Chin State and the Chin ethnic community.


A peaceful and stable country fosters an envi­ronment where all ethnic groups can thrive, leading to improved socioeconom­ic conditions. This, in turn, allows the younger genera­tion to pursue education in a tranquil setting. Building a modern, developed, dem­ocratic, and federal Union demands that all ethnic communities develop capac­ities in knowledge, technol­ogy, personality, and critical thinking, overcoming vari­ous challenges and barriers.


The call to action is clear — the Chin ethnic community must collaborate with the government to cultivate peace and stability, putting an end to armed conflicts. Recognizing that peace, stability, and the rule of law are integral to the nation’s development and the ongoing task of nation-building, this collective effort serves the interests of both Chin State and the Union. By upholding the Union spirit and national ideals, the people can relish enduring peace and prosperity for generations to come.