Foreign demand surge elevates new long chilli prices

The new long chilli prices are rising due to strong export de­mand at the Myawady border.


The price is exorbitantly high, up to K70,000 per viss at the border. Subsequently, trans­port hurdles at the Myawady border raised freight rates to K550 per viss.


The opening price of a red long chilli from the Salin area was K13,500 per viss in Decem­ber 2023. The price jumped to K14,000-K15,000 per viss in do­mestic markets.


Maritime transport is cost-effective, yet it takes longer to deliver than other modes of transport (road and air). Meanwhile, rail transport is more affordable than road freight. Yet, it cannot reach some areas without a rail net­work. Air freight incurs higher costs compared to ship freight yet has limited capacity. Chilli fetches in the western border areas. Despite the high cost of air cargo, it reaps a significant profit, citing the domestic chilli market news.


The prices at those borders are K50,000 per viss higher than those in Yangon’s market, with a gross profit of K30,000 per viss.


The prices of new ordinary Moehtaung chilli and those pro­cessed in cold storage facilities are the same at K11,000 per viss, Ko Hla Han, a chilli depot owner from Seinpan Street in Bayintnaung Depot, told The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM). — TWA/KK