Encourage insured workers to raise productivity

May 26


A MASSIVE force of labour is reliable for the whole nation in raising productivity and manufacturing value-added products for earning foreign exchange for the State. Only when workers are healthy and fit will they be capable of manufacturing products with high productivity. Hence, the government arranges healthcare services and welfare measures for the workers who have insured by the Social Security Board.


SSB under the Ministry of Labour manages 116 townships, 34,878 workplaces registered at the Social Security Board and 1,211,371 insured workers. Of them, the Social Security Board provides healthcare services and entitlements to 13,988 registered workplaces and 863,533 insured workers in Yangon Region.


Health facilities such as registered hospitals and clinics provide healthcare services to workers who unexpectedly face injuries at workplaces and who need to receive maternity care if necessary. If so, these health facilities will be contributions to the female and male workers to expedite their workforces in the manufacturing process.


The Social Security Board operates three workers’ hospitals, 96 township clinics, 60 departmental clinics and one traditional medicine clinic. Moreover, the board signed contracts with private entrepreneurs to manage 12 clinics through a free service system. A total of 24 more clinics and hospitals are being operated through a capitation payment system for giving treatments to outpatients.


Moreover, nine hospitals and delivery rooms are being managed by the Social Security Board to give maternity services to insured workers. In addition, two mobile clinic vehicles are under the control of the Social Security Board for healthcare services to insured workers.


As the board is striving for giving better healthcare services to insured workers by signing agreements with private hospitals and clinics, arrangements are being made to sign agreements with 26 private hospitals and clinics through the capitation payment system. In this regard, the board commissioned two general practitioner clinics into service on 30 April 2023. These two clinics are being operated with Thukha Susan and Kaung Zay GP clinics in Shwepyitha Township of Yangon Region. Such two clinics are also operated through the capitation payment system.


Only when insured workers have a chance to enjoy healthcare facilities and other contributions will they have the activeness and keenness to accelerate their working momentum. On the other hand, the Social Security Board is seeking various ways and means for giving better services to an increasing number of insured workers in cooperation with the private sector. That is why insured workers have to raise their productivity at relevant workplaces with the assistance of the Social Security Board.