Myanmar imports over 75,000 tonnes of fertilizer worth $46.847 mln by sea in Oct

MYANMAR brought in over 75,000 tonnes of fertilizer worth US$46.847 million in seaborne trade in October.


Between 1 and 31 October, Myanmar imported over 25,000 tonnes of fertilizer from Oman, over 27,000 tonnes of fertilizer from China, over 8,500 from the UAE, over 5,200 from Viet Nam, over 3,800 from Thailand, over 2,700 from the Republic of Ko­rea, over 30 from Malaysia, over 20 from Indonesia, over 15 from Spain and over five tonnes from India. The volume of fertilizer import is, however, down by over 35,000 tonnes compared with that of September.


Meanwhile, the country imported over 11,000 tonnes of fertilizer worth $4.281 million through a cross-border channel last month, with about over 3,700 tonnes from Thailand, over 1,100 from India and about 5,700 from China. China is the main supplier of fertilizer in border trade.


The prices of fertilizer moved in the range between K65,000- 170,000 per 50-kg bag depending on the brand (Myanma Awba, Thai Grow How, Pale) and types of fertilizer in the second week of November. Despite operating fertilizer plants in Myanmar to produce bags of fertilizers, the country still needs such input for domestic consumption. —TWA/ GNLM