Man arrested after stealing bus, ramming into car, lamp post with 3 deaths

August 03, 2022

A man who stole an empty YBS 94 bus from a CNG filling station and rammed into another vehicle was arrested by the public on 2 August.

The accident left three people, including a 12-year-old child, dead.

Ludu Partner bus line announced that their bus was stolen while queuing to fill gas at the gas filling station.

The YBS 94 bus driver queued at CNG gas station in Shwepyitha township at 3:40 am on 2 August and he left the car to inquire at the station. Then, the suspect who used drugs stole the bus and drove to the Danyingon junction and smashed into a Light Truck. “A 12-year-old child died on the spot. One of the three victims died at the hospital. The driver continuously drove to Phawkan after the accident. He rammed into Htawlagyi (tractor) parked near traffic light on Japan road and a mentally disabled woman who slept on platform. She also died there. The bus stopped in opposite lane after crushing into the lamp post,” said a responsible person of the social welfare team. — TWA/GNLM