Semifinal fights of Shwe Aung Lan Myanmar Traditional Boxing held


July 4,2022


SEMIFINALS of the Shwe Aung Lan Myanmar Traditional Boxing was held on 3 July.


Saw El Phu (Doh Yoeya) fought against Hein Tun Aung (Shwe Thaton), and Saw Ba Hein (Cement Plant) took on Min Kyaw Za (Zwekapin Myay) in the 60-kilo event.


In the 63.5-kilo event, Natkha Min (Zwekapin Myay) faced Kyar Thwe (Tun Tun Min), and Almwi (Dragon King) fought with Thet Win Aung (Shwe Thaton),


In the 67-kilo event, Saw Min Min (Shwe Thaton) faced Ko Nine (Zarni Thway) and Marn Min Aung (Cement Plant) took on Gabar Shar (AMT2).


Hein Tun Aung defeated Saw El Phu (Doh Yoeya) in the 60-kilo semi-finals through technical knockout and advanced to the fi­nal. Saw Ba Hein (Cement Plant) and Min Kyaw Za (Zwekapin Myay) competed and Saw Ba Hein sailed into the final.


In the 63.5-kilo semi-finals, Natkha Min (Zwekapin Myay) and Kyar Thwe (Tun Tun Min) competed, but the Kyar Thwe gave up and Nat­kha Min advanced to the finals.


The fight of Alm­wi (Dragon King) and Thet Win Aung (Shwe Thaton) was finished with draw until the fifth round, so Almwi won by technical knockout.


In the 67-kilo event, Saw Min Min won by tech­nical knockout after a draw fight against Ko Nine (Zarni Thway) and Gabar Shar de­feated Marn Min Aung and reached the final.

The final matches will be held on 10 July.—TWA/GNLM