Over 2 mln acres of various beans planted in Sagaing Region


29 December 2021

SAGAING Region Agriculture Department has completed more than 2 million acres of various beans cultivation in 11 districts of Sagaing Region, said Dr Tin Mar Mar Oo, in charge of market information division under Sagaing Region Agriculture Department. 

“Seventeen types of beans including chickpeas, green grams and pigeon peas are cultivated in the region. The department has covered over 83 per cent of the projected acres so far. The department has been providing technical assistance (post-harvest technology), pedigree, and necessary input to the growers to produce quality beans and have a good yield,” she added. 

In the 2021-2022 growing season, Sagaing Region planned to cultivate 2.466 million acres of beans in the region and over 2 million acreages has been finished. The department and the growers are working together to boost the yield. India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry extended a free import policy on the black gram (urad called in India) and green gram. 

India permits beans and pulses imported from Myanmar that have the bill of lading up to 31 March 2022, with relaxations of conditions regarding clearance consignment up to 30 June 2022. 

Additionally, Myanmar can export 250,000 tonnes of black gram (urad) and 100,000 tonnes of pigeon peas under the G-to-G (government to government) pact during the April-March period between the 2021-2022 financial year and the 2025-2026FY, as per the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Commerce and India’s counterpart signed on 18 June. 

Beyond chickpea, green gram and pigeon peas, the department has been focusing on expansion in the cultivation of other beans which are commercially valued in both domestic and foreign markets, she continued. 

Sagaing Region is the main producer of beans and pulses. Those growers who carry out multiple cropping also earn extra income. 

In a bid to improve the quality and production of the beans, various beans expo was held in the fourth week of December 2021 at the office of the Sagaing Region Agriculture Department. At the event, all types of beans were displayed and the officials and the growers discussed some matters. — Lu Lay/GNLM