Shwe Pyi Tan express boat service resumes today

24 AUGUST 2021


SHWE Pyi Tan express boats in Rakhine State that were suspended due to COVID-19 resumed on 24 August as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, it is leant.


The express boat lines will run the Minbya-Sittway and Sittway-Minbya route daily as usual.


The express boat lines have been instructed to require staff and passengers to wear masks and wash their hands, as well as taking temperatures and arranging seating for passengers that allows for social distancing on board.


The Shwe Pyi Tan express boat, the main water route of Minbya township, has been temporarily halted due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Minbya Township, Rakhine State.


Now, the number of COVID-19 cases has dropped and the Shwe Pyi Tan launched its express boat service today (24 August) at 6 am and 11 am to ensure the safety and convenience of travellers. — Thein Nu Aung/GNLM