Information Team of State Administration Council replies to the telephone inquiries of MRTV

June 25

Major Kaung Htet San from the Information Team of the State Administration Council clarified the telephone interviews from MRTV as follows:

Q: Mizzima-news in Burmese reported that the military is pressuring parents not to bring their children back from schools due to the high incidence of COVID-19 diseases in schools in Myaungmya. Is that true?

A: With the reopening of primary schools, the Ministry of Health and Sports and the Ministry of Education has developed COVID-19 Guidelines for Disease Control and Prevention, and systematic surveillance and immediate response to suspected cases in collaboration with the relevant Region / State Public Health Departments.

Currently, primary schools are temporarily closed in townships where Stay-at-Home restriction has been declared, and the relevant ministries are cooperating in disease prevention and control activities.

I would like to say that there is no such thing that the military is forcing the schools not to let the parents bring their children back home due to the resurgence of the COVID-19 cases in schools in Myaungmya. I would like to say that we are working as per the instructions of the relevant ministries.

Q: According to DVB TV News, there was a clash between the Tatmadaw and the PDF on 22 June near Tayawkyin village, Yinmabin Township, Sagaing Region. Can you tell us about it?

A: Terrorist groups are reportedly setting fire to the homes of innocent people outside Tayawkyin village and when security forces went to provide security in the area, a group of about 80 armed insurgents opened fire with homemade bombs and guns about 300 metres west of Tayawkyin village. During the clash, one member of the security forces was wounded. As more security forces were on their way to the scene, about 30 metres northwest of Bantbwe village, about 30 armed terrorists opened fire. During the clash, one homemade gun belonging to the terrorists was seized. It is also reported that 8 houses were destroyed by fire due to the armed insurgents. I would like to say that accurate information must come from a reliable source with a true news photo. —MNA