Uplift both agriculture and livestock sectors for the people

February 16,2022

FERTILIZER is one of the important inputs for the cultivation of crops. In this regard, natural fertilizer can be made of animal dung from cattle farms, layer and broiler farms. These wastes to be taken from the cage system breeding farms are useful as bio-fertilizers in the agricultural sector. 

Despite a dry region, the Magway Region sees the progress of breeding more than 1.3 million cows, over 38,000 buffalos, 1.6 million broilers, more than 200,000 layers, over 3.3 million domestic kitchen species. Hence, dungs can be taken from the breeding farms to the paddy fields as well as croplands to cut the cost of using fertilizers. 

The breeding of cattle and poultry is interrelated to the agricultural sector. Livestock breeding farms need feedstuff. Local farmers can earn income from the cultivation of corns as well as the systematic processing of straws for feedstuffs. Fermented maize and straw can be fed to farming cattle the whole year. 

Moreover, abundant cotton plantations in the dry region can produce cotton seeds which can be extracted for the production of cooking as well as feedstuffs. Although the Magway Region is located in the dry region, it has plentiful raw materials to be used for feedstuff. The initiative of the local people can improve the situation for carrying out agricultural and livestock tasks in respective regions. 

The local people from the Magway Region can change the situation for both agriculture and livestock tasks for their development with reliance on each other by overcoming challenges. To have high initiative skills, local farmers need to be educated. If so, they will have higher critical thinking on how to solve the problems and how to improve something. School education if they attended could be shifted into the knowledge-based on critical thinking. Hence, the government is implementing the education promotion programme for the people to have at least a middle school education. 

As a result, they will have the basic knowledge for studying something related to agriculture and livestock tasks. To do so, the government arranges to establish more and more institutes of agriculture across the nation in order to disseminate agricultural techniques to local farmers. 

If the agricultural sector improves, the livestock sector will follow it. If so, local farmers and breeders will have higher socio-economic status in their lives. It will be a partial achievement of the government plans for the people from respective regions and states.