Uphold politeness in relations with people

May 29


Service personnel are appointed and assigned by relevant governments to give services to the people as well as customers. As they all are citizens of the country, they have the responsibility to give services to all citizens of the country without any reason to take advantage more than others and to make relations with other citizens on the upper hand.


In upholding common sense, everybody should not underestimate or overestimate others. Everybody has an equal term of the right to keep abreast of others. As such, all service personnel should make polite relations with the people in giving their services without any reasons to behave rude and impolite manners. In fact, such rude and impolite manners should not be used in Myanmar society.


Recently, Vice-Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, at the meeting 3/2023 of the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee, recounted that some members of the One-Stop Services and those from combined teams serving the security duties along the trade routes made impolite relations with the people. The Vice-Senior General stressed the need for the illegal trade eradication special task forces in regions and states to make good and polite relations with the people in checking commodities at checkpoints and security posts. If not, action must be taken against those who broke discipline.


Some weak points were found in examining illegal trade measures at checkpoints and security posts along the Myawady-Yangon trade route and the Muse-Lashio-Mandalay trade route, both of which are concerned with the cross-border trade processes. These weak points are hindrances to eradicating illegal trade measures. Hence, those personnel assigned to the posts have to dutifully discharge their assignments by correctly seizing the illegal commodities and preventing the inflow of smuggled goods.


Correct, righteous and honest serving of those personnel will contribute to a corruption-free society as well as shape a polite, peaceful and prosperous society. Hence, personnel from One-Stop Service teams and security forces have to avoid illegal and corrupted measures which can harm their original duties to stay away from facing legal action and not commit crimes which can discredit themselves although they themselves are law enforcement bodies.


Chairpersons of regional and state illegal trade eradication special task forces have been authorized to punish those personnel for doing illegal measures to harm their duties. Remorse cannot be erased. Those from law enforcement bodies themselves need to know the dos and don’ts in society and avoid illegal and incorrect cases not to discredit their service terms.