Unite strengths to prevent disasters in various ways and means

June 02


Now is the time to end the month of May. Monsoon will enter the whole of Myanmar. All the people need to take care of heavy rains and various natural disasters in the early monsoon.


In monsoons, storms and tornados are the most terrible among other natural disasters. Various kinds of storms comprising tornados, strong winds and squalls never hit the regions but bring along with flash floods, landslides, inundations and erosion to the society. For example, meteorologists and hydrologists predicted that as heavy rains would hit Mon State and Taninthayi Region in the aftermath of cyclonic storm Mocha, they might face the danger of landslides.


Climate change affects global warming, and in consequence, glaziers collapse in the northern part of the world, raising the water level of oceans. Global warming set a record for overheating temperatures across the world in the summer as well as another record of rainfalls in monsoon. Although natural disasters cannot be avoided, everybody needs to take care of weather forecasts and impacts.


Before 1988, Myanmar faced rare events of bad climatic conditions such as flooding and inundation, landslides and loss of lives in the catastrophes because of the thick foliage of natural forests which could defy storms to some degree. It was a very rare event that people in individuals or families died of thunder strike, floods and landslides.


As a turn of fortune, the country faced the loss of natural forests, accounting for 57 per cent in the year 2000 and 43 per cent in 2015. Consequently, most of the regions in Myanmar suffered the loss of forests, and natural disasters such as flash flooding, landslides and erosions several times similar to other disaster-prone countries.


Whenever natural disasters fall, heavy rains may hit Mon State, Ayeyawady, Yangon and Taninthayi regions and flash floods may cause landslides in hilly areas and damage to roads. In all events, people and animals may encounter losses of property and lives. How terrible!


But, everybody needs to keep the concept that now is the best time to rebuild society. Nobody should blame each other but all should march towards the goal. Everybody needs to take all preventive measures against natural disasters in various ways and means for the improvement of the country. Ordinarily, everybody knows how to prevent the disasters. Now, everybody should participate in relief and rehabilitation for the Mocha-hit victims and should start all measures to prevent coming possible disasters.