Unite strength in growing and conserving trees

MONSOON tree-growing ceremonies take place in various urban and rural areas across the nation as rainwater makes soil soft. Myanmar yearly grows hundreds of thousands of saplings in a variety of species in order to green the environment and try to improve climatic conditions as much as possible.


Growing trees aim to green the environs, beautify the urban and rural areas, reduce temperature and help store underground water. Trees can help improve the atmosphere of the society with emission of oxygen and absorption of carbon dioxide as part of reducing air pollution. Practically, only when trees and saplings that are grown at the ceremonies successfully thrive will they help society with greening environments.


All the countries throughout the world are facing the problems of a high-density of population in both rural and urban areas. Hence, they solve such a problem by extending the public residential areas. In this regard, the extended public areas invade the forest areas and pasture lands. Consequently, both forests and wildlife move back from their habitats and then, there remain plain areas without trees. It can be identified as the expansion of desertification.


The root causes of expanding the public areas are the growing population and manufacturing areas such as factories, industries and buildings. Moreover, a dense population consumes a larger volume of energy and water but leaves waste. As such, public areas are facing worse pollution. To be able to overcome challenges, growing many trees can control shade and wetness. Conservation and cultivation of urban forests can absorb particles and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to be cool.


Growing and conservation of forests in urban areas aim to increase relaxation areas for the urban people to enjoy physical and mental happiness as well as control a water circle in the urban area so as to conserve underground water for ensuring the supply of drinking water. Moreover, forest areas can create pleasant environments for travellers and businesses. Moreover, forests and trees can effectively protect the landscape and cultivable lands, ease the impacts of natural disasters and contribute to existence of the life on land.


The saplings grown at the ceremonies must be nurtured to be grown successfully. As such, before holding the tree-growing ceremonies, relevant authorities and departments must have to draw the master plans for nurturing the saplings during the limited period. If not, the endeavours poured out in growing saplings and establishment of forest plantations will be in vain. So, united strength from the people is useful for nurturing the saplings for future benefit.