UK-based dairy company plans to invest about $200 mln in Myanmar

The UK-based investment company — United Green is planning to invest approximately US$200 million for high-quality breeding of dairy cattle and the production of milk and dairy products, said Vice President U Moe Kyaw Kyaw of Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MRCCI).

The project is expected to create over 750 jobs for local residents, he added. The United Green, a privately owned strategic investment group, will implement this project with the assistance of the UK’s development finance institution CDC, Asian Development Bank and other financial institutions. The United Green has solid investment experiences of over 60 years in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. A team led by Mr Peter Crowhurst, CEO of British Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar recently met with officials of MRCCI to discuss proposal related to the breeding of cattle and production matters. They highlighted the participation of those engaged in manageable-scale cattle breeding in the region. The targeted acres of land for the dairy farm are too much, and so, the project will cover Mandalay Region, Sagaing Region and some areas of Shan State.

The project aims to distribute meat, milk and dairy products at the much fairer price in the domestic market, whereas it will be primarily exported to external markets. Then, they target to meat production to penetrate the neighbouring country China. We support this project as Myanmar is the country of origin. In the initial stage, 20,000 dairy cattle are planned to be raised. It will also support livestock, agriculture and transport sectors. It provides employment opportunities for rural people. They also made similar investments in South Africa. Moreover, the project includes coordination plans not to harm the domestic breeders. The United Green has been negotiating with the official concerned and preparing for investments. When this project is granted the permit, MRCCI will invite regional livestock businesspersons to join this, he said.

As the project needs thousands of land acres, the private participation is necessary to implement this, he noted.—Than Zaw Min (IPRD) 


(Translated by Ei Myat Mon)