Tomato fetches K800 per viss in NyaungU Tsp

May 24,2022

THE tomato growers in Nyaun­gU Township, Mandalay Region receive a handsome profit with the high price of K800 per viss (a viss equals 1.6 kilogrammes) dur­ing the harvest time, said U Myo Nyunt, a grower from Thayat vil­lage, Lepanchaypaw village-tract in NyaungU Township.


The villages in NyaungU Township cultivate the tomato depending on groundwater re­sources. As the tomato fetches K800 per viss, the families are commercially doing well, said U Min Nyo, a grower from Kataw village.


Stake tomato, vining and bush tomato varieties are com­monly found in the township. They are sent to markets of NyaungU, Pakokku and Mying­yan cities.


During the abundant har­vest time in March 2022, the to­mato was priced at only K100 per viss. This is why growers cannot even cover the cost of agricultur­al input cost, said a grower.

There is a large price gap between the wholesale and retail prices when the transport cost is added amid the hike price of fuel oil, said a market observer.


The input cost doubled this year owing to high fertilizer pric­es and a hike in fuel oil prices. A big slump in prices caused a huge loss to the growers in early 2022.


During December last year, low supply drove the price up. The tomato fetched up to K2,400-K2,500 per viss in the Mandalay market. — Ko Htein, KK/GNLM