Thitsa Arman beat ISPE 3-2 in Myanmar Women’s League 2022

Thitsa Arman shaped a nar­row 3-2 win over ISPE FC in the Week 13 match of the Myanmar Women’s League 2022 played at Thuwunna Training Ground in Yangon yesterday.


Both teams launched a heavy attack with back-to-back goals.


ISPE FC got a leading goal even at the 5-minute mark and the goal was scored by Khin Malar Tun.


After conceding a goal, the Thitsa Arman team was able to press harder, and Nilar Win scored an equalizer at 18 min­utes.


Again, Khin Mar Tun scored a second or leading goal for Thitsa Arman at 25 minutes.


Thitsa Arman led the first half 2-1.


In the second half, the Thit­sa Arman team played signif­icantly better and the strikers were able to play with more understanding.


Amidst the massive defence of Thitsa Arman, ISPE found their equalizer at 69 minutes and the goal was scored by Shwe Yi Tun.


After 2-2, Nilar Win scored a winning goal for Thitsa Arman at 81 minutes.


The game looked good with back-and-forth goals, and Thitsa Arman’s late single goal changed the outcome of the match.— GNLM